Become a Shareholder at Seacoast Tennis Club

We are now taking names for a wait list when a share becomes available for sale.

Shareholders enjoy every aspect of the club, including unlimited year-round indoor and outdoor court time, with one low annual fee.

Becoming a Shareholder:

Seacoast Tennis Club has 147 shareholders (owners) with equal voting rights. Each shareholder has the liberty to choose to sell and if so, at whatever market price they select. When a share is sold, 100% of the sale price is returned to the shareholder, Seacoast Tennis Club does not retain any portion of the agreed upon price. Current shareholders have the first opportunity to purchase a share, based on seniority. The share will be available to the membership for 15 days. If no current shareholder comes forward the share will then be offered to those on the waiting list. If no waiting list exists, the share will be offered to the first interested person that makes a full price offer. If a lower than full price offer is made, it will be submitted to the seller. If the seller agrees to this price or counters with a price lower than their initial price, the sequence starts again.

If you would like to visit the club, a tour of the facilities can be arranged.

Seacoast Tennis Club also offers a limited number of Spring to Fall outdoor only memberships in the form of Family, Single or Junior. Summer Membership

For more information, please contact us.