Lessons and Clinics at Seacoast Tennis Club

Private Lessons

Seacoast Tennis Club has a tennis pro on staff available to members for private lessons throughout the week. Members can schedule private lessons by using their own reservation number. The pro also has a limited amount of reservation numbers. Lessons are arranged directly with the pro based on mutually agreed upon time.

Guests are welcome to experience Seacoast Tennis Club and may have lessons with our tennis pro providing they are playing with a current member (limited to twice per month).

Group Clinics

As an alternative to private lessons, Seacoast Tennis Club offers regularly scheduled group clinics for different skill levels.

The group clinics available on different days and different times of the week are run by a Teaching Pro. The clinics focus on footwork, different shots (including forehand, backhand, overhead, serve and volley), technique and play strategy. The lively group dynamics are fun for everyone involved.

Only members of Seacoast Tennis may participate in Group Clinics. Our tennis membership options in Seacoast, NH can be found here.